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Content strategy and technical seo 

I Help b2b, b2c and publishing websites crush the competition in google search and Google News

Nearly 20 years in web marketing and product development

I co-founded AudienceWise, a technical SEO firm, and sold it to Moz, the leading SEO software development company in the world. At Moz, as Vice President of Strategic Planning I led teams to better understand the needs of our customers in order to build better SEO software. I am uniquely qualified to understand your site from a technical, product, strategic and online marketing  perspective.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

While CEO at Moz, I acquired Tim's company specifically to get his talent on the team. Tim's thoughtful, he's easy to work with, and he brings unique and powerful insight to any problem he faces. Tim also turned into one of Moz's great people managers, helping to facilitate difficult new initiatives and a wide variety of functional areas while building great loyalty and trust with his reports.

Rand Fishkin, Founder and Former CEO @ Moz

When we first engaged Timothy, we were approaching the “worried” phase after a site redesign dropped SEO traffic drastically. He and his team knocked out a few critical items immediately, and over the next several months led us to traffic growth even beyond even our pre-redesign expectations. Our team was both thankful and amazed at his ability to teach and implement his knowledge. Once we got through the initial work, we entered a long-term relationship that’s still one of the easiest and best partner agreements I ever entered. He’s a true pro.

Jason Silverstein, former SVP of Digital Operations @ American City Business Journals

Tim excels at research and utilizing data to guide decisionmaking. He is passionate about finding processes that works for many different stakeholders and delivers results. Tim is self-motivated, and always does what he says he is going to do. He is calm under pressure and thrives in dynamic environments seeking to bring order to chaos. Tim is a great team player. He cares about those around him and is committed to helping them succeed. He knows when to use humor and when to be serious. He was a true pleasure to work with.

Sarah Bird,  CEO @ Moz

We highly recommend Tim. He has spoken on the topic of SEO at our industry conferences, and for our organization itself, Tim helped us drill down and focus on specific content strategies to grow our community and connect with a broader range of readers. Search engine algorithms and marketing methods can be confusing topics for even the most seasoned digital entrepreneur, and Tim has the ability to explain them in a way that makes sense, is actionable and produces results.

Carrie Pacini, Founder @

You’ve giving a lot of time and money to develop your website and content. I’ll make sure it is giving you a lot back.

Drive More Traffic

There are no silver bullets, but most sites have plenty of juicy low-hanging fruit. A deep technical analysis of your site will uncover opportunities for tweaks and adjustments for easy wins, and a detailed search market analysis and content strategy will provide a foundation for long-term, and sustainable SEO success.

Increase Conversion, Reduce Bounce

It’s not just about driving traffic, it’s about driving the right traffic. A solid content strategy paired with sound technical SEO practices in UX and information architecture, can make all the difference between a conversion and a BOUNCE.

Direct Access and Actionable Insights

All of my clients work with me directly. Together we define and understand your goals and how they fit into the bigger picture. I then provide a detailed, prioritized and easy-to- understand playbook, and help you and your team execute.

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